• Christian Counseling

    Scripture strongly supports the importance of aligning one’s thoughts with the Word of God for improved functioning. It also cues us to the fact that the quality of our existence is tied to our thoughts. For those of the Christian faith, many issues can be resolved by identifying where one’s thoughts, actions, and behaviors deviate from the Word of God and working toward realigning these with the Word. Sometimes the issue is the presence of sin and sometimes the problem is a misunderstanding of God’s Word. The ultimate aim of Christian counseling is to help people regain a sense of hope for their life that is found in Jesus Christ.
    The core of Christian counseling is to help others achieve a better understanding of themselves and God which is rooted in the Holy Spirit’s conviction. Christian counselors seek to make people aware of the sin in their lives that has caused them suffering but also come to know the immense worth and value they have as a person to God.

    Professional Consultation

    I am available for trainings, webinars, and professional speaking engagements. I am well versed in a variety of mental health and improved functioning topics.

    My areas of expertise include:

    • Racial Trauma
    • Domestic Violence
    • Family Conflict Resolution
    • Substance Abuse/Recovery
    • Project Management/Development in Social Services
    • POC Mental Health Issues
    • Marriage Counseling
    • Parenting
    • Bible Studies

    Fees are Negotiable. Please, contact me for more information.